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— Posted on 02.02.2012

While writing this in the wake of my first hen’s night experience (ouch), I’m covering the awful events in Port Said, Egypt. Soccer fans rushed the field and the resulting clashes have killed more than 70 people. Sigh, remember the time a kitten invaded a soccer field and it was really nice?

Animals improve sports (when they aren’t being used and abused). Example A:

The ridiculous extravagance of the self-important Super Bowl is almost upon us. Thank the heavens/Animal Planet, so too is Puppy Bowl. It’s not all cute little yaps though. Lincoln Park Zoo is mounting a campaign to prevent a company from airing a Super Bowl Sunday commercial that features chimpanzees. A study has shown that commercialised chimps dressed as people makes viewers less concerned about the plight of wild chimps – despite their endangered status. Puppies aren’t threatened with extinction, phew… let’s just watch Puppy Bowl.

You know how we all love everything about sloths? You know how we all love everything about Veronica Mars? (YES YOU DO.) Kristen Bell has taken the level of acceptable/required adoration to new heights. She recently shared a video of her breakdown after realising her fiancé had found her a sloth for her birthday. It was her party and she could cry about the best-thing-in-the-world at her party if she wanted to

Nek minute (sorry), the internet has a new meme to replace planking, sad Keanu, Dawson crying, putting food on top of animals’ heads, and writing LOL on every picture in an ugly font – “breading". I rolled my eyes at this one, but then immediately chuckled at the thought of my cat with her head in the middle of some wholegrain. You can find full instructions on how to participate in the “breading” “craze” here.

After you’re cat has scratched you to pieces, and rightly so, you can cheer yourself up with a collection of the internet’s happiest dogs. Also, you can watch a Great Dane’s day in the park from the perspective of his collar and a Husky puppy’s first attempt at howling. Arrrroooooooooooooooo!

A few actual events have been reported in animal news this week.

It’s a neat trick. So is a bulldog trying to sit in a comically small box.

Once again, cats win.

And we’re done. But remember, I’m always watching.


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— Posted 24.04.2014

It has everything.


— Posted 15.04.2014

Good as ever.